Just Start Now.

Saloni Chamberlain
2 min readFeb 5, 2021

If you’ve been asking yourself this question for a little while, then here’s the answer:

you should start here. You should start now.

Between a changing work situation, a home life in flux and a worldwide pandemic, the regular self doubt that I think we all feel, overpowered me and by the end of last year, I was absolutely crippled by imposter syndrome and insecurity. My whole identity is built around being a writer and suddenly it felt like it didn’t fit me. It felt like I was a child in fancy dress. I needed to reach out and find new work but I just wasn’t.

By December, I knew that I needed to do something but I just wasn’t sure what. All of the nice things that I was being told about my writing and creativity just weren’t computing, I wasn’t taking it in. So I got a few books about imposter syndrome and I began to read. I had to break out of this corner that I had backed myself into.

Anxiety is just kind of who I am as a person. But I’d never felt it creep into every part of my life and work before. I booked in to see a lovely Business Coach, I read lots about the theory of imposter syndrome and began to work out where it came from for me and just try to befriend this monster of an inner critic inside me.

All round, for my writing and alongcameloni, January was a FANTASTIC month. February has kicked off in the same way and I have some amazing projects that excite me. Like a little snake, I’m shedding the skin of the self doubt that was choking me last year. But, it doesn’t end here, those seeds of imposter syndrome are still there and when I’m low, they’ll pop back up. Which is why I’ve also booked in a consultation for some therapy.

In December, I read The Middle Finger Project by Ash Ambirge and she talked about how she put in the work with her blog before she knew what it would be, she acted like it was a real thing before it actually was. So if you’ve had this idea and you’re not sure what to do with it, just do something today to make a start. Something that will make you pleased that you did in 6 months, a year, 10 years. You’ve got this.



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